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The current Technology&more (Issue 2010-2) takes readers around the globe once again! This exciting issue highlights unique customer projects in Greece and Chile, Australia, France and North America. Click below to read about the world’s largest forestry inventory project in Chile streamlined with advanced Geospatial technology; a GNSS infrastructure network in the Philadelphia area that is making a dredging project easier; and an inventory of one million utility poles in Canada’s Manitoba using GIS technology.

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Scanning the Acropolis

Technology&more Magazine - Scanning the Acropolis It is one of the most thoroughly studied and documented sites in the world. Built on a limestone outcrop known as the “sacred rock,” the Acropolis rises from the center of Athens, Greece, to a height of 150 m (490 ft) above sea level. Covering roughly 30,000 m² (7.4 acres), it features steep cliffs and a flat top accessible mainly from the west. Three ancient temples (the Parthenon, the Erechtheum and the Temple of Athena) occupy the rock, along with several smaller buildings and a series of perimeter walls. Read more...

Pipeline Survey Strategies

Australia is the driest inhabited continent in the world. And it’s getting drier—with five of the country’s six states resorting to desalination to supplement water supply from dwindling rainfall. In the state of Victoria, several survey techniques have had to be used in combination to determine the optimum alignment for the pipeline from a new desalination plant. Read more... Technology&more Magazine - Pipeline Survey Strategies

World’s Largest Forestry Inventory Project

Technology&more Magazine - World’s Largest Forestry Inventory Project Forestry management enterprises today rely on current, highly accurate inventory information to make critical decisions related to their land and plantation projects. Traditional forest inventory methodologies, such as inspections and terrestrial surveys, have at times proven too costly and inaccurate for today’s complex projects. Read more...

Restoring a Gothic Masterpiece in France

Built during the transition from the 12th into the 13th centuries, the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Chartres is known as one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in France. Constructed between 1195 and 1220 in the city of Chartes, 80 km (50 miles) southwest of Paris, the Cathedral is the sixth church known to be built on the site. Since its dedication in 1260, the building has survived fires, wars and the French Revolution. Its two steeples—more than 110m (360 ft) tall and visible from 10 km (6 mi) away—served as a rallying point for medieval pilgrims traveling the St. Jacques de Compostelle trail. For a team of French surveyors, the Cathedral offered an opportunity to travel back in time. Read more... Technology&more Magazine - Restoring a Gothic Masterpiece in France

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