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For more than eight years, Technology&more has kept surveying and mapping professionals worldwide informed about the advanced technology and innovative methods being used on projects around the world. In this issue you'll read about landslides in Austria, hurricanes in North America, setting up infrastructure networks in Africa and scanning a historic palace in Germany. You'll also find the latest winners of the popular Technology&more Photo Contest, as well as informative technical articles and a host of other stories. Read it online now!

Scanning a Palace

Technology&more Magazine - Scanning a Palace Located in the heart of the medieval quarter of town, the Ettlingen castle dates to 1192 when the town received its charter. Used today as Ettlingen's cultural center and as a venue for concerts, exhibitions and a museum, in 2008 the castle was selected by the town council to be restored. Prior to restoration, the council wanted to analyze the condition of the halls, with special emphasis on the deformation of the floor in Asam Hall, the palace's "crown jewel." Read more...

Landslide in Austria

The trouble had been building for months. Located in central Austria near the town of Gmunden, the narrow Gschliefgraben ("sliding ditch") valley is well known as an unstable area. It lies between two mountains and drops from a height of 850 m (2,790 ft) down to the shore of Lake Traun at 423 m (1,390 ft). Landslides have occured in the Gschliefgraben since the ice age and major slides were documented in 1470, 1660 and 1734. But for more than 100 years, there had been little reason for alarm. That changed in November 2007, when a forester making routine checks discovered that a road in the Gschliefgraben had shifted. Read more... Technology&more Magazine - Landslide in Austria

Drilling in the Desert

Technology&more Magazine - Drilling in the Desert Precision is a requirement that is drilled into and expected from field crews at Boart Longyear, a leading drilling service provider. So when the company was first awarded a critical, multi-million-dollar upgrade project at Arizona's Navajo Generating Station near Lake Powell, it prepared itself with the essential technology and expertise it needed to perform the work. Read more...

In the Wake of a Hurricane

When Mark W. Huber watched the record storm surges of Hurricane Katrina breach New Orleans' 17th Street Canal, he had one thought: "Life's not going to be the same now." Huber is with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and in August 2005 he was responsible for the QA/QC of the Corps' surveying opertations on Louisiana, which out him in charge of ensuring the quality of the post-Katrina surveys in the region. That same evening, Jimmy Chustz, PLS, was having similar thoughts: "It was devastating to watch it all happen" he says. Read more... Technology&more Magazine - In the Wake of a Hurricane

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