Cumulative patch update for Trimble Business Center 4.00 available

16 January 2018

You can update to the latest version of TBC 4.00 by selecting File > Help > Check for Updates or clicking the Check for Updates link on the Start page. The latest version includes all of the following patch updates:

·         Trimble Business Center 4.00.1 - This patch makes minor adjustments to meet Mobile Mapping workflow requirements for third-party exports and the ability to changes coordinate systems.

·         Trimble Business Center 4.00.2 - Internal.

·         Trimble Business Center 4.00.3 - This patch includes the fixes included in Version 4.00.1 and includes the newly updated addresses required to download data from various IGS sites when using the Internet Download command.

·         Trimble Business Center 4.00.4 - This patch includes the fixes included in the Version 4.001 and 4.003 patches and fixes the following additional issues:
- QZSS satellite system data prevented the creation of the Baseline Processing Report.
- The application crashed when importing certain T02 files.
- An "Unhandled satellite system" error could occur when reopening a project with imported RINEX files.
- GNSS vertical offsets were not computing correctly.
This patch also provides an enhancement to TBC’s ability to handle upgrades to satellite systems.

Tip of the week: Maximize your PC's RAM for improved point cloud rendering

12 January 2018

TBC’s PC hardware requirements for working with point clouds suggests 2GB RAM minimum and 32GB RAM or more recommended for working with aerial photogrammetry or point cloud data. To optimize your rendering capabilities when working with point clouds, change TBC’s rendering memory cache size option to reflect your workstation’s RAM amount. Read more…

TBC Power Hour webinar: Working with Point Clouds in TBC – 31 January 2018

9 January 2018

Point clouds offer unprecedented flexibility and capability for surveyors looking for robust geospatial data and client deliverables. From the Trimble SX10 and TX-series instruments to third-party hardware, TBC imports and supports all industry-standard point cloud formats. Leverage the point cloud functionality along with TBC’s powerful CAD and deliverable creation commands to complete your next project. Join us to learn how to use TBC’s point cloud tools to fulfill and leverage the power of the point cloud. To register…

Tip of the week: Transform survey points

5 January 2018

Often times, surveyors are provided data in local or ground systems but work in a global (or GNSS) coordinate system.  What are some ways you can adjusted data from one system to another?  The answers lies in the Transform Survey Points command. This powerful feature enables users to perform either a 3, 5, or 7 Helmert or Least Squares Adjustment on a selection of survey points.  Read more…

Trimble Business Center 4.00 now available

22 September 2017

You can update to the new TBC version 4.00 by selecting File > Help > Check for Updates or clicking the Check for Updates link on the Start page.

This update is available to users whose current warranty expiration date is 1 September 2017 or later. If your warranty expires prior to this date and you proceed with the installation, licensed features will not be available. Contact your local Trimble Distribution Partner to obtain a warranty extension. On the Start page, select View License Manager to verify your warranty expiration date.

This version includes the following new features. See the Trimble Business Center Release Notes for more information.

Data review and editing

·         Share project data using Trimble Clarity - Use the Publish to Clarity command to publish point clouds, photo images, and other 3D data in TBC Station View to a Trimble Clarity presentation that can be shared with clients and other team members.

·         Copy objects to the Profile View - Use the Copy to Profile command to copy objects from the Plan View to the Profile View.

·         Insert DigitalGlobe Imagery background maps - Using the Toggle Background Map command, you can now insert georeferenced background maps supplied by DigitalGlobe Imagery, a provider of global high-resolution satellite imagery based on a 16-year time-lapse image library. A free Trimble Connect login is required.

Survey computations and COGO

·         New static baseline processor engine - Specifically developed to improve results for baseline lengths exceeding 200 kilometers, the new static GNSS baseline processor engine increases precisions, lowers RMS values, and results in more fixed solutions compared to previous GNSS baseline processors.

·         Volume calculations from large data sets - Use the Create Volume Grid command to rapidly compute the volume between two large surfaces.

CAD and drafting

·         Drafting enhancements - The Advanced edition of TBC now supports the following drafting enhancements, which were previously available only with the purchase of the Advanced Drafting module:

o    Prepare a custom or template-based plan set that includes one or more sheet sets.

o    Create and edit Plan, Cross-Section, Plan and Profile, and Plan Grid sheet sets.

o    Create projection planes on which you can create CAD object deliverables.

o    Key-in point and line geometry with the CreateCOGO graphical interface.

o    Generate parcels and compute closure reports.

o    Automatically generate a collection of textual legal descriptions for cadastral survey projects that include parcels, polygons, and/or closed linework.

See your Trimble Distribution Partner for more information and to add this module to your installation of TBC.

·         COGO parcel creation enhancements:

o    You can now optionally select to ease the parcel-creation rules and allow temporary nodes to be created at line intersections to calculate misclosure and create parcels, instead of requiring that misclosure be calculated based on existing vertex nodes.

o    The new Add parcel button allows you to create additional parcels in your collection without overwriting the existing parcels..

·         Legal Description Writer enhancements:

o    You can now optionally select to ease the description-writer rules and allow temporary nodes to be created at line intersections to create the shortest path to a parcel when a gap in the linework exists, instead of requiring that the path use existing vertex nodes.

o    The Description Template Editor now allows you to insert into legal descriptions relative directions (right, left, front, and back) for chord, concavity, tangent, and radial arcs.

·         Create a line segment orthogonal to a previous segment - You can now use the Ortho tracking snap mode in TBC to create a linestring or polyline segment that is orthogonal (perpendicular) to the previous line segment.

·         New properties for object matching and selecting - The Match Properties command and the Select Similar command have both been enhanced to include object name, block rotation and scale, and feature attribute properties you can use to perform match and selection tasks.

·         Multi-line text editor enhancement in Create Text command pane - When entering text in the Create Text command pane, you can now advance to the next line of text by pressing the Enter key, making text creation faster and easier.

·         Single text object for multi-line text labels - When you create a multi-line text label for a point, line, or polygon, all text lines are now combined into a single text object that you can move, rotate, scale, and delete.

·         Enhanced Smart Text - The Smart Text Editor, which allows you to insert dynamic attribute text within text annotations and labels, now supports the insertion of numerous new codes representing information contained in the fields in the General Information section of the Project Settings, including company and user information (user names, street and email addresses, phone numbers, etc.).

·         New tangent arc creation options - When creating a tangent arc segment for a horizontal linestring, you can now base the arc on a bearing, radius, or delta angle along with a specified arc length.

·         Divide an existing CAD line into multiple segments - Use the new Divide Lines command to divide any existing polyline, linestring, or other line object into multiple segments defined by either the specified number of segments or segment length.

·         Create points using single proportioning - The Single Proportioning command provides a powerful tool for locating or re-establishing missing survey markers by reconciling recorded and measured distances.  T

·         Add a fill color to boundaries - Fill a boundary with a specified color and transparency.

Corridor design

·         Corridor Earthworks Report - When running a corridor earthworks report, you can select multiple clipping boundaries to limit the sections of the alignment you want to report on.

·         Station and Offset View - Use the Station and Offset View, to view selected objects from the Plan View relative to a horizontal alignment. In the Station and Offset View the alignment will appear as a straight line along the x axis.

Point clouds

·         Export LAS files in US and International feet - You can now export LAS point cloud files in US and International feet (in addition to meters), allowing you to share LAS data with more third-party software packages.

·         Import/export LAZ point cloud files - You can now import and export point cloud data in the LAZ file format, which is a compressed version of the LAS format, a commonly used binary file format for point cloud data.

·         Choose ground or grid scaling when exporting point clouds - You can now specify to export point cloud data using either ground-based (scale factor = 1) or grid-projected scaling for e57, LAS, LAZ, POD, PTS, and RCP file formats.

Mobile Mapping

·         Export Mobile Mapping panoramas to Mapillary - Export Mobile Mapping panorama images from your TBC project for hosting, processing, and viewing on

Machine Control

·         Copy material sets - In the Material and Site Improvement Manager, copy material sets that you want to use in other Business Center projects to a new external library.

General software enhancements

·         Project History Log - Use the new History Log View tab to view all commands that have been performed in TBC since creating your project.

·         Chain distance unit setting - TBC now supports chain distance units. 

For additional information, contact your local Trimble Distribution Partner.