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PRODUCT FOCUS: Trimble 5600

Increase productivity/profitability at least 50% from the first day!

The Trimble® 5600 DR (direct reflex) Total Station takes the work out of conventional land surveying. The Trimble 5600, with its innovative Servo, Autolock®, and Robotic technology, enables land survey crews to work more productively than ever before. The instrument measures to extremely long range, even when measuring in reflectorless mode.


Trimble S6 — A Servo, Autolock, or Robotic Total Station with MagDrive™ Technology

  • Advanced MagDrive Technology: Fast. Silent. Precise. The Trimble S6 Total Station redefines these words with exceptional servo performance. The Trimble S6 is engineered with innovative MagDrive™ servo technology that silently spins the instrument at just 115 degrees per second.
  • Trimble MultiTrack Target for Both Active and Passive Tracking: Choose from active or passive tracking with the Trimble MultiTrack™ Target, the only target of its kind in the surveying industry. Active tracking ensures you always locate and lock on to the correct target. When you're using the Trimble MultiTrack Target, nearby reflective surfaces, such as road signs, cars, safety vests, and other prisms, will not disrupt your surveys.
  • Trimble GPS Search for Even Faster Measurements: If MagDrive and MultiTrack speed still aren't enough, the robotic Trimble S6 instrument goes to the extreme with Trimble® GPS Search. A new function in Trimble field software, GPS Search employs GPS to quickly locate a lost prism. In just 3 seconds the Trimble S6 can zip to the correct position and lock onto the robotic rover.
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