Trimble XSLT Development Service

Trimble XSLT Development Service
Custom exports for
  • Trimble Access
  • Trimble Business Center
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The Trimble Development Services Team offers a customized report generation service for Trimble® Access™ and Trimble® Business Center™ software customers who require the creation of custom reports or files from Trimble Access job or jxl files.

In a nutshell the process to get an xslt build is

  • Get in contact with your sales representative and describe him your needs so he can contact us.
  • Alternatively summarize your ideas and send us an email.
  • We will review your ideas and create a feasibility study
  • As a guideline for information we want to know please have a look at our Design Document Template
  • Assuming the ideas you have are realizable with our available tools we will consult further to define the stylesheet and give a time estimate
  • Based on the time estimate there are three options
    • Part SSG-XSLT-BASIC for basic modifications in a time frame between 1 to 3 days
    • Part SSG-XSLT-ADVANCED for advanced modifications in a time frame between 3 to 5 days
    • Part SSG-CUSTOM-DEV for projects exceeding the given flat rates
  • After sending the invoice of the part Trimble will implement and deliver the stylesheet.