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May 10th, 2010

This dealer newsletter is to update you on Spectra Precision's SPIFF Promotion

  Dear Spectra Precision Business Partner,

Spectra Precision is pleased to announce a special EPOCH 35 GNSS SPIFF Program Promotion

When your sales representatives sell any of the complete EPOCH 35 GNSS systems listed below, they qualify for a SPIFF of up to $500 per complete system. The same dates apply as with the EPOCH 35 Network Rover promotion (May 3 - June 30, 2010), and the SPIFF forms must be turned into Spectra Precision by July 15, 2010. SPIFF forms are downloadable from the Partners section of the Spectra Precision Web site.

EPOCH 35 GNSS Complete Systems SPIFF
EPOCH 35 GNSS Base/Rover System
  • EPOCH 35 Base/Rover Kit
  • Pacific Crest High or Low Power Radio Kit
  • Spectra Precision Data Collector with Survey Pro - GNSS or Max
EPOCH 35 Network Rover System
  • EPOCH 35 Base or Rover Kit
  • Spectra Precision Data Collector with Survey Pro - GNSS or Max

The fine print:

1. SPIFFs do not apply to end user purchases before May 3, 2010.
2. SPIFFs do not apply to end user purchases made after June 30, 2010.
3. SPIFFs apply only to sales of complete systems as described above and purchased from Spectra Precision.
4. Completed SPIFF Program Application forms along with a copy of the original customer invoice and a copy of your invoice from Trimble (showing the serial number(s) and product number(s)) attached must be submitted to Spectra Precision by no later than July 15th.
5. SPIFFs are valid for US and Canada distribution partners only.

If you have any questions, please contact your North American or Regional Sales Manager:

North East: Michael Yates 416-505-0835 michael_yates@spectraprecision.com
South East: Tom Stevens 916-786-9322 tom_stevens@spectraprecision.com
Midwest: Richard Gage 973-657-1844 richard_gage@spectraprecision.com
West/Central: Joe Binder 303-791-5012 joe_binder@spectraprecision.com


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