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April 2, 2010

This Dealer News is to announce new support tools and important product update information

Spectra Precision Solution Center | Spectra Precision Learning Center | Product Updates | Discontinued: Nikon and FOCUS Total Stations | ACSM

Dear Spectra Precision Business Partner,

Spectra Precision is pleased to announce two great new support tools, the Spectra Precision Solution Center and the Spectra Precision Learning Center.

Spectra Precision Solution Center

Introducing the Spectra Precision Solution Center - a new and exciting technical knowledge repository to allow you and your customers to search and find answers to common, technical questions with ease. The Spectra Precision Solution Center allows you to keep up to date with the latest technical information from Spectra Precision. The knowledge library hosts technical tips and support notes, providing you with technical and professional insights, to allow you to get the most benefit from your Spectra Precision product. Click on the Search for Public Content link and you can then enter your query in the question field and click the search button. The search results page provides the most relevant technical content from the library for your specific query. Spectra Precision Partners and Distributors can access the system via a secure login.

The Spectra Precision Solution Center is a complementary resource to the technical support that you and your customers receive from Spectra Precision. If you have any questions please contact Spectra Precision support at support@spectraprecision.com


Spectra Precision Learning Center

Introducing the Spectra Precision Learning Center- the Learning Center offers a complete portfolio of training courses for surveying products. A powerful, effective and interesting way to learn, blended learning combines traditional face-to-face instruction with on line training, such as web-based tutorials, webinars / on demand webcasts and innovative learning tools, all delivered in a variety of different ways. With a secured log in, you can browse and register for classes, view your training history and track your individual progress towards Spectra Precision certification programs. You can also create your own career path to plan and chart your professional development.

The Spectra Precision Solution Center is a complementary resource to the technical support that you and your customers receive from Spectra Precision. If you have any questions please contact Spectra Precision support at support@spectraprecision.com

Links to both tools can be found on Spectra Precision Knowledge Network and are coming soon to the Spectra Precision Website.

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EPOCH 35 SD Cards

Only use approved SD cards with the EPOCH 35 for storing post process data. SD cards must conform to the environmental specification of the EPOCH 35. SD Cards used must be capable of a minimum of 80x write speeds and have no more than 1GB storage space. Other cards outside these specifications will possibly cause corrupted or fragmented data.

Standard SD cards that are commonly available often do not meet the write speed requirement. Spectra Precision only warranties SD cards that are purchased from us; you can order additional SD cards via part # 69512-00.

Specification for EPOCH 35 SD cards:

  • Minimum 80x (8 MB/s) Write speed
  • 512 to 1GB storage space maximum
  • -20C to +60C operation range

Spectra Precision has changed the dual receiver EPOCH 35 kits to include two SD cards instead of one so that both the base and rover can be used for post process data collection simultaneously.

Survey Pro™ 4.8.5

Spectra Precision Survey Pro version 4.8.5 is a minor release that is only required for EPOCH 35 customers. This update is not needed if you use Survey Pro with instruments other than the EPOCH 35. Please read the release notes and update procedure carefully prior to installing Survey Pro v4.8.5 on your data collector. It contains important licensing information!


Data Collector Warranty Program

Spectra Precision would like to make you aware of some changes with the data collector warranty program. With the next update for Survey Pro, there will be a change to the update policy. The Survey Pro installation program will check for valid warranty status on the data collector in order to authorize the update.

A new data collector that has been purchased and is still under the one year factory warranty or under an extended warranty will be authorized for the update. Data collectors that are not currently under a warranty plan are able to purchase an extended warranty. There are Survey Pro software only warranties( part number EWSP) that will authorize the data collector for updates, and there are warranties that cover both the data collector hardware and Survey Pro software(part numbers EWRANGER-SP, EWNOMAD-SP, and EWRECON-SP) . The extended warranties are a good way to protect your investment in your equipment.

The Survey Pro installation program will use your internet connection to compare the data collector's serial number against a data base that contains the warranty status on all units. If the unit is under a valid warranty, the installation will proceed. If the unit is not covered under warranty, then a message will be displayed informing you of this and the installation will stop.

To receive Survey Pro minor improvement releases, identified by the version numbering system, you only need to be on the current version of the latest minor update. In other words, if you have version 4.8.x you are authorized for a version 4.8.5 improvement release automatically. For minor updates, 4.7 to 4.8 for example, it is now required that the data collector or Survey Pro software be on a current warranty plan.

The warranty plans are listed on Spectra Precision price lists. Data collector serial numbers are required in order to generate the proper registration codes for your unit and to log the warranty plan into the database.


FOCUS 30 Handy Tip

Spectra Precision wants you to know more about the Focus 30 range pole and prism assembly. We have selected a range pole with the following features:

  • Graduated scale in feet and meters
  • Built-in bulls eye bubble
  • Calibrated to read height to center of prism assembly

When the Spectra Precision Range Pole, PN 88400-03-SPN, is paired with our 360 Prism assembly with height adapter, PN 58128001-SPN, the rod height is read directly to the center of prism. Thus reducing rod height errors and increasing vertical precision. The 360 Prism with height adapter is included in your Focus 30 kit so make sure to order the calibrated range pole to make full use of the system.

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The Nikon NPR, Nikon NPL, Nikon DTM (except DTM-322) and FOCUS 4 and FOCUS 4W Total Stations will be discontinued on April 2, 2010. We encourage customers who are interested in purchasing Nikon NPL-632 and FOCUS 4 products to do so promptly. We will continue to take orders until available product is sold. Spectra Precision and Nikon will continue to provide service parts and select accessories for these instruments for 5 years.

The Nikon NPR, Nikon NPL, Nikon DTM (except DTM-322) and FOCUS 4 and FOCUS 4W Total Stations have been replaced by the new and powerful Nikon Nivo C Series and Nikon Nivo M Series, FOCUS 6 and FOCUS 8 Total Stations.


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Come visit the Spectra Precision / Nikon booth at ACSM in Phoenix AZ April 26-28

Booth Exhibition Hours

Monday, April 26 3:00-7:00 pm
Tuesday, April 27 Noon-6:00 pm
Wednesday, April 28th 10:00 am-2:00 pm

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