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Trimble Monitoring

Surveyors looking for a fast entry to deformation monitoring can take advantage of the Monitoring specialized application for the Trimble Access software suite. Like other streamlined workflows for Trimble Access, the Monitoring module guides surveyors through a step-by-step process that speeds setup, data collection and reporting.

The workflow is streamlined for regular, but not necessarily continuous, control and deformation surveys. You can:

  • Easily set up a station

Measure the backsight and all foresight targets and save their details to the job for subsequent site visits.

  • Define the measurement parameters such as epoch interval and tolerance
  • View reports of movement above the specified tolerance - there is no need for major analysis in the field
  • View information on the measurement session while still in the field and then output reports that compare known coordinates with measurements over time
  • The Trimble Access Monitoring software supports the following Trimble instruments: Trimble VX Spatial Station, Trimble S6 Total Station and Trimble S8 Total Station
  • Import the JobXML file into Trimble office software such as Trimble Business Centre or Trimble 4D Control for further processing

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