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- TSC3
- TSC2
- Tablet
- Slate
- ProXR

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Trimble Land Seismic

The streamlined workflow for Land Seismic offers powerful tools to simplify the stakeout operations associated with land seismic surveys.

  • Grid-based Navigation
  • Use grid files directly from GPSeismic planning software

Perform offsetting in the field without any calculations.

  • Exclusion Zone Monitoring
  • Import exclusion zones directly from GPSeismic
  • Attempts to stake within exclusion zones lead to clear warnings
  • The Trimble Access Monitoring software supports the following Trimble instruments: Trimble VX Spatial Station, Trimble S6 Total Station and Trimble S8 Total Station
  • Use Job files and planning files directly from GPSeismic
  • Easily export postplot details into GPSeismic

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