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Supported Devices:

- TSC3
- TSC2
- Tablet
- Slate
- ProXR

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Trigonometric Leveling for Trimble S Series Total Stations.

SETTOP Level Me is a 3rd party application developed by Al-top Topografia for Trimble Access.

  • It enables determining elevations through observation, calculation and compensation with precise trigonometric leveling using a Total Station

Determine elevations using a Level Loop where your last foresight is your first backsight.

  • Determine elevations using a Level Line where your last foresight is on a known point
  • Automatically adjusts measurements when the Loop or Line is closed

Export Options:

  • Raw Data exports all measurement data along with corrected values and temperature / pressure information
  • DiNi M5 format
  • CSV File
  • Data always stored in .JOB file

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